About Katsura

Sushi or Tempura

is probably the most famous Japanese food that comes to your mind when asked about what the traditional Japanese cuisine is.
How about the consistency of Japanese food then?

The common staple foods on daily basis are rice, soup, one savoury main and two side dishes. When eating them together such as rice and tsukemono(pickles), it can accentuate the unique taste of Japanese food more than eating them individually. What a mystery!

The most common ingredients of Japanese food are rice, vegetable, seafood and soya beans. As you can see, these nutritious ingredients are inevitable for your healthy diet. Therefore, you can eat sensibly without any concern.
That explains why countless worldwide celebrities and top athletes have been paying attention to Japanese cuisine for its sake.
On thetop of that, the simple method of cooking can emphasize the original taste of the fresh ingredients, for instance, Sashimi(raw fish), Sushi and Yakimono(grilled dish). It is an exclusive way of cooking in any kinds of food that is provided in the world.

Restaurant Katsura can offer you these authentic Japanese food with the homely atmosphere.

The Katsura staff are looking forward to welcoming you with the numerous extraordinary food that you can choose from,

Why don't you come and get the real buzz at Katsura?
Alternatively, we offer you
-a special catering service and a meal delivery to your doorstep within budget.
-13 different sorts of flavoursome Bento Boxes that you can take away.
Bento is a ready-to-eat meal packed in a partitioned lacquered box in Japanese style.
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